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Antiques & Collectibles
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Rob Bayly
Balloon Pilot and former BBC TV Producer
Radio Presenter
Coming from: Bristol,  Somerset  UK
Rob has flown balloons in the Arctic, deserts and mountains. Among his record-breaking flights he has flown the Atlantic by balloon. In parallel Rob was a member of BBC staff for 33 years, starting as a TV producer on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and finishing his career on the ‘Antiques Roadshow’. Rob draws on extensive first hand knowledge of ballooning and broadcasting, both very visual and entertaining subjects. He is also happy to volunteer for other cruise roles such as tour guiding and on board radio/TV broadcasting.

Gregory Bowden
Wine Expert & Historian on Pirates
Oxford trained Historian, M.A. (Oxon), Dip. WSET
Coming from: Regents Park,  London  UK
Gregory started enjoying his wines relatively early in life, not least because his father was a lifelong friend of Hubert Michelin and the two of them used to scour France in search of exciting wines which were then served at the family home. Later, at Oxford University he furthered his wine interests by becoming gastronomic advisor to various dining clubs. Today, Gregory divides his time between teaching wine merchants and sommeliers, and in his spare time, he is also the official historian of the Morgan Sports Car and an historian on pirates and piracy!

Christopher Paul Chapman
History of Money and Time
MSc(Tech), MIET, C.Eng
Coming from: Hayling Island,  Hampshire  UK
Throughout his life, Christopher has been fascinated by money, not only for its value, but by its history, the part it has played in the development and collapse of civilisations and as a fundamental element of economics. His extensive knowledge of money and cash systems derives from collecting coins throughout his life and being employed for over 20 years by the world’s largest banknote producer. For the past 30 years, he has been an avid collector of Roman coins that has enabled him to develop an expertise into the fascinating use of coins.

Maurice Collins OBE, MA
Antique Gadget Collector
Coming from: East Finchley,  London  UK
Maurice has been collecting for over 35 years, unusual, ingenious and eccentric contraptions and gadgets that would have been used in everyday life, from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to the Festival of Britain in 1951. The collection is now around 1600 artefacts, all original and all distinctive, covering every aspect of social history and heritage. His presentations are always interactive, using the original artefacts to allow the audience to see, hold and attempt to discover their use.

Joanna Hardy
Jewellery and Gemstones
Coming from: -,  London  UK
Joanna has over 30 years experience working with jewellery beginning her career as a goldsmith before joining De Beers as a rough diamond valuer. She then went to work in Antwerp as a polished diamond dealer before joining Philips the auctioneers in London. She moved to Sotheby’s in Bond Street and for 14 years was their senior jewellery specialist and auctioneer where she was responsible for jewellery auctions worldwide. Joanna is an accredited NADFAS lecturer and presents a range of talks to help broaden people’s awareness and help them become discerning jewellery appreciators and collectors.

Caroline Hawley
Antiques and Collectibles
Coming from: Brough,  East Yorkshire  UK
Caroline had a fascination for art and antiques from childhood, visiting her local village auctions with her parents and digging on Victorian tips for bottles and other bygones. This quickly progressed to selling antiques and collectibles, and then she set up Hawleys auctioneers, holding antique and fine art auctions at Beverley racecourse. In 2012 she started working as an expert on the BBC antiques programme Flog-It, leading to Flog-It Trade Secrets, Bargain Hunt and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Caroline is also kept very busy doing lectures and after dinner speaking engagements.

Amanda Knowles
Antiques, Furniture & Architecture
Furniture & Antiques Restoration
Coming from: Kingsnorth,  Ashford  UK
Amanda Knowles graduated from Rycotewood College, Thame, Oxfordshire in the late 1970’s and opened her own cabinet making and restoration business in the Lake District. Her fascination with everything antique encompasses not only the design and making of furniture and furniture restoration to the history of furniture, architecture and its history all the way up to modern design principles. This gives an eclectic breadth to the types of talks and presentation Amanda is able to cover.

Anthony Terry
Maritime History & Antique Cartography
Former Diplomat - South America, Caribbean & Pacific
Coming from: London,    UK
Anthony is a former officer of the Diplomatic Service with extensive experience of South America in a variety of roles covering political, intelligence, economic and commercial issues. His other overseas experience includes Cuba, Chile, Kenya, Guatemala and the former Yugoslavia. He makes annual visits to Chile in connection with his map business and related research, and since 2007 has lectured regularly on cruise ships on the subject of early voyages and antique cartography.

David Unwin
Maps & Climate Change
Coming from: Maidwell,  Northamptonshire  UK
David Unwin is Emeritus Professor in Geography at Birkbeck, University of London, who writes and lectures in climatology and geographical information science. In his academic career he was the author or editor of a dozen academic texts and over a hundred scientific papers. David offers two series of talks. In The Joy of Maps he explains his life-long fascination with maps and map making. In Making Sense of Climate Change he outlines how we know climate changes, what we know about past climates, and what causes our climate to change.

Reverend John Walden
Philatelist & Chaplain
Coming from: Harrogate,  Yorkshire  UK
John's long experience and lively style in public speaking enables him to captivate an audience with his engaging style and stimulating personality. The life-long hobby of stamp collecting began as a schoolboy when he tore off the stamps from the envelopes from his six penfriends scattered around the world. John started his career in the RAF. Since 1969 he has been a Minister as well as being a Managing Director of three commercial companies. Philately has enriched his experience in widespread travel around the world with his fascination of history, geography and architecture of peoples and countries.

Peter Young
Rural Antiques Auctioneer
Coming from: Gringley on the Hill,  Nottinghamshire  UK
Peter has been a distinguished auctioneer for over 50 years, specialising in antiques and chattels for the majority of his illustrious career. Although his main passion now lies with antiques, Peter gained his early experience through farm and livestock auctioneering. Since retiring from the hectic world of auction sales, Peter retains a full diary having turned his talents to lecturing and after-dinner speaking and is now a regular guest speaker on cruises giving light hearted and fascinating insights into the world of antiques and auction sales.