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Magic & Illusion
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John Field
History of Magic
Retired Solicitor
Coming from: Ashtead,  Surrey  UK
John Field was admitted as a solicitor in 1976 and practised law until retirement in 2013. However he gave his first stage show as a magician in 1965 and has been performing magic for longer than he has been practising law! For over 30 years he has delivered a talk on the Amazing World of Magic which, as well as being educational, is highly entertaining with a practical demonstration of different styles of magic being presented throughout the talk. John presents an entertaining series of talks on the history of magic and famous magicians.

Laurie Philp
Thinkolgist & Brain Trainer
Coming from: Deal,  Kent  UK
Laurie Philp is an award winning trainer who specialises in creativity, problem solving and memory. He helps people to be more effective when using their 'necktop' computers! A qualified member of the Magic Circle and a member of Equity, his presentations include tricks and illusions, and he has been widely described as an entertainer. He gives talks to Rotary, Round Table and numerous other business and social groups as well as on cruise ships.

Simon Williams
Speaker, Trainer & Illusionist
Police Officer Trainer
Coming from: Reading,  Berkshire  UK
Simon retired from the Police in 2009 after 30 years’ experience most of which was in frontline uniform duties. He has been involved in several Murder Incident Rooms, and engaged in Restorative Justice. He has also been a Police Trainer teaching new recruits criminal law, Police powers and procedures and how to interview witnesses and suspects. Simon is a member of The Magic Circle and his talks reflect his Police experience and an interest in magic. Simon cleverly combines these interests in a series of engaging and interactive talks.