Cruise Ship Speakers

Education & Learning
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James Ellis
Tales from the Classroom
Coming from: Falmouth,  Cornwall  UK
Born on the Isle of Wight, as a child James and his family moved around England. During National Service in the RAF he gained a place at Loughborough College to train as a PE teacher. After he completed his course at Loughborough, he went on to teach within the 5-11 year group in several schools mainly in deprived areas of Leicester and in 1969 became headmaster of a Junior school and then two further headships at Primary Schools before retiring. Since retiring he has been able to spend more time on his hobby of growing, showing and hybridising streptocarpus.

Geoff Peters
Maritime Explorers and Adventurers
Coming from: Sunshine Coast,  Queensland  Australia
Edu-tainment is the best way to describe Geoff’s speaking style, providing educational, entertaining and authoritative presentations whilst also injecting humour and personal experiences documenting his time at sea. Recently retired, Geoff and his wife Leanne have purchased a boat in the UK, cruised across the English Channel and now spend much of each year cruising the rivers, canals, and coastlines of Europe, creating their own adventures.