Cruise Ship Speakers

Psychology & Behavioural Studies
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Dr Mike Drayton
Popular Psychology
Coming from: Birmingham,  West Midlands  UK
Dr Mike Drayton is a Consultant Psychologist, business consultant and public speaker who is as well well informed, as he is entertaining. He has much experience of talking about psychology related topics to different audiences, both expert and non-expert. He has worked on a number of BBC programmes such as 'Horizon' and ‘Fat Nation’. Mike is an experienced enrichment lecturer providing talks on popular and academic psychology as well as psychology related to specific destination.

Gillian Garratt
Popular Psychology
M.A. Psych. M.A. Prof. Writing, BEd (Hons)Accredited CBT Therapist
Coming from: Falmouth,  Cornwall  UK
Gillian is a Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & author. She has extensive lecturing experience, as Business Consultant for leading ‘Blue Chip’ companies in the U.K. and California. From 2005-2008, she was on-board Manager for the ‘Discovery’ Lecture Programme on “Queen Mary 2”, for Oxford University. Her first book, 'CBT for Work', was published in 2012, her next book is:- 'Your dog and you – understanding the canine psyche'. Topics include Sports Psychology, CBT, Pet therapy, Longevity, Laughter, Luck & Palmistry. She has a varied and fascinating lecture repertoire.

Philip Hesketh
Professional Speaker
The Psychology of Persuasion & Influence
Coming from: Harrogate,  North Yorkshire  UK
Philip is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and is a full time professional speaker on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence’. He combines a powerful mix of well researched, persuasive techniques with a unique brand of humour. He inspires, entertains and informs on how persuasion, influence and relationships work. He is inspirational, motivational and extremely amusing. He gives ‘can-use-today’ techniques to be more influential.

Randolph Iommi
The Game of Life & How to enjoy it!
Social & Behavioural Psychology
Coming from: West Looe,  Cornwall  UK
Randolph is a mind enrichment and practical psychology lecturer, stress management consultant, researcher and adult education teacher. He is a former BBC editor and has also worked as a newspaper science journalist. He has been a guest speaker on cruise ships for over seven years and his cruise lectures involve active and enjoyable audience participation, demonstrations, practical advice and techniques.

Colin Johnson
Forensic Pyschology, Criminology & Law Enforcement
Coming from: Mattingley,  Hampshire  UK
Colin is an internationally accredited and operational Geographic Profiler and was the first ever Fellow of his discipline across Europe. He holds a master's degree in psychology. A police officer for 30 years, principally as a detective, he specialised in investigating major crime, including murder, stranger rape and abduction. He became one of the first officers selected to the National Crime Faculty. Colin has worked operationally and lectured across several continents, including in Australia, Dubai, France and the U.S.

Prof Nigel Maclennan
Well-being & Psychology
Doctorate, Chartered Psychologist
Coming from: Luton,    UK
Dr Nigel MacLennan is an accomplished speaker, No 1 best-selling author and former Visiting Professor at The International University in Monaco where he was consistently ranked as the No 1 professor – by the students. He has created 57 publications on subjects all connected to human psychology and performance. Nigel has a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, and, a Doctorate in Leadership Coaching. Nigel’s lectures are all interactive, engaging and fully illustrated with interesting and amusing images, some of which are cartoons.

Eilidh Milnes
Motivational Speaker, Psychologist & Author
Coming from: Sandbach,  Cheshire  UK
Eilidh (that's Ay-lee) Milnes is a teacher turned international keynote speaker, author and coach. Her clients call her "Captain Positive! In 2013 Eilidh took on the prestigious role as National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK. For 10 years, she was the senior external trainer for Cheshire Constabulary. Eilidh has used her experience from working in education and business to create this series of talks especially for the cruise liner industry. So you can expect upbeat fun talks full of enthusiasm and insights. Eilidh's talks are themed, "When You Laugh You Learn!"¯

Dr Adam Reece
Music, Music History & Positive Psychology
Professional Pianist / Piano Vocalist
Coming from: Perranporth,  Truro Cornwall  UK
Dr Adam Reece has over 30 years experience as a professional musician. In the early 1990's he reached number 1 in the UK Buzz charts with a dance music track. After graduating from the University of Manchester in the mid 1990's with a degree in Psychology, he chose to continue his career as a musician and moved to Ireland. He settled in Galway where he released a CD and set up his own label, touring Ireland and Europe extensively with his band, 'Medicine Man'. He now combines his experience of playing the piano on the ships with his educational background and gives talks on music topics, as well as presentations on the health benefits of smiling and laughter and 'the Art of Happiness'.

Diane Simpson
Personality & Behaviour
Coming from: Wymondham,  Norfolk  UK
Personality Profiler and authoress, Diane, has written three books and many articles, worked on high profile investigations and appeared on more than 200 television and radio programmes. Diane has an interesting and diverse background. Mensa member, member of the Psychology Special Interest Group of British Mensa Ltd, university lecturer, Founder member of the British Institute of Graphologists and has belonged to ‘Friends of Broadmoor’ for more than 15 years. A humorous and highly experienced speaker, she is pleased to offer a range of talks relating to personality and behaviour.

Rosemary Taylor
Psychology & Human Behaviour
BEd, MA, PhD
Coming from: York,  North Yorkshire  UK
Dr Rosemary Taylor is Senior Partner of Key Issues Consultancy. Her specialist field is behavioural psychology and she works all over the world in training teachers and developing schools. No stranger to cruise ships, Rosemary has entertained thousands of passengers with her fascinating series of lectures entitled ‘Mind Games’ on the various ages and stages of the development of the brain – from childhood to senior years – bringing insight, humour and the occasional surprise to our preconceptions about the brain.