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Heather Bowring
Art and the Tactile Artist
Coming from: Emsworth,  Hampshire  UK
Heather is a self taught artist. Her unique style of tactile painting has been acknowledged as such by the Tate Modern, who commissioned her to make a painting for their Touch Tours collection. Other commissions include the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, who asked her to make a tactile copy of a 16th century painting of the Mary Rose ship. Heather enjoys creating different styles of painting including miniatures, portraits and contemporary works. In particular she likes to paint stories and is inspired by radio, text and dialogue of everyday life.

Christopher Paul Chapman
History of Money and Time
MSc(Tech), MIET, C.Eng
Coming from: Hayling Island,  Hampshire  UK
Throughout his life, Christopher has been fascinated by money, not only for its value, but by its history, the part it has played in the development and collapse of civilisations and as a fundamental element of economics. His extensive knowledge of money and cash systems derives from collecting coins throughout his life and being employed for over 20 years by the world’s largest banknote producer. For the past 30 years, he has been an avid collector of Roman coins that has enabled him to develop an expertise into the fascinating use of coins.

Richard Cooke
Action & Location Photography
Freelance photographer for over 40 years
Coming from: Cogenhoe,  Northamptonshire  UK
Richard Cooke has been a photographer for over 40 years. He always wants the unique angle, the unusual moment, the special shot and has photographed a huge diversity of subjects from, for example, the Red Arrows, circus and Formula 1, to travel in India and Nepal, to celebrities from John Arlott to Margaret Thatcher. Richard worked for all the Sunday magazines and major advertising agencies and photographed all the RAF's fast jets for recruitment advertising. He is a relaxed, eloquent and amusing speaker able to engage his audience with fascinating stories behind his pictures.

Alan Cutler
Victorian Murder Trial Entertainer
Coming from: Coventry,  West Midlands  UK
Involvement is the key to audience appreciation – and everyone loves a meaty murder mystery! Hence, Alan Cutler, writer, trainer and professional speaker, has designed a series of presentations in which he plays the part of the judge and prosecution and defence counsels in a real-life Victorian murder trial, and where the cruise passengers are the jury – deciding the fate of the accused. Did their verdict accord with the jury of 100 years ago, or did they send an innocent person to the gallows? Was justice served?

Bennett Gold
Maritime History and Famous Trials
Coming from: Reston,  VA  USA
Bennett Gold, a Stanford University graduate served in the US Navy for 21 years. While on active duty, he served aboard 6 ships including his own command. After retiring from the Navy, he spent 22 years in the computer industry and for the past 15 years he has been serving as a docent at the US Supreme Court. Bennett has been a Special Interest speaker on Maritime subjects and Famous Trials aboard a number of cruise ships. His in-depth knowledge of his subject areas, keen sense of humor, and the joy he takes in presenting to his audiences, make his presentations memorable.

Graham Hoyle
Murder Mystery Events Organiser
Coming from: Ringwood,  Hampshire  UK
After retiring from a long career in the police force, Graham wanted to start a new career that was both entertaining and enjoyable, so “Catch the Killer” was born. Graham has written over eighteen original story lines that can be adapted to specific ships, cruise companies, captains or even specific passengers. The event is interactive, engaging and a lot of fun for the passengers who will find that working in small teams helps their thinking and leads to creating new friendships and contacts on board the ship.

Geoff Parsons
Flags & Banners
Coming from: Southsea,  Hampshire  UK
Geoff is a former senior Royal Naval officer who has had a keen interest in flags and sundials for over 30 years. He is the Chairman and a Trustee of the Flag Institute which is the United Kingdom's national flag charity and the largest flag organisation in the world. He specialises in talks about the development of royal banners and state flags and the use of flags. Cruise passengers often enquire about the flags flown on board their ship, and in the countries and harbours they visit. Geoff very much enjoys lecturing and likes to fully interact with his audience.

Laurie Philp
Thinkolgist & Brain Trainer
Coming from: Deal,  Kent  UK
Laurie Philp is an award winning trainer who specialises in creativity, problem solving and memory. He helps people to be more effective when using their 'necktop' computers! A qualified member of the Magic Circle and a member of Equity, his presentations include tricks and illusions, and he has been widely described as an entertainer. He gives talks to Rotary, Round Table and numerous other business and social groups as well as on cruise ships.

Maggie Taylor
Social Historian & Toll Bridge Owner
Coming from: Whitney-on-Wye,  Herefordshire  UK
After a successful 25 years in business as a Business Leader and independent Entrepreneur Maggie and her husband, Grahame, bought a river side cottage in Herefordshire – oh and it had a Toll Bridge attached! Life then began to be a roller-coaster for Maggie and Grahame with no one day being the same. Four years on she says we are still learning! In her series of talks, Maggie recounts their adventures along the way.

Michael Turner
The Life and Voyages of Sir Francis Drake
BEd. Hons
Coming from: Burnham on Sea,  Somerset  UK
Michael Turner from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England began teaching physical education and geography to secondary school students in 1982. During the holidays, he continued backpacking and hitch-hiking in 83 countries taking photographs to enhance his lessons. His other reason for adventurous travel is to be the only person in the world to photograph the life & voyages of Sir Francis Drake. This has taken him to 46 countries; which makes his illustrated talks unique. Michael has lectured to the Royal Geographical Society, London, the Old Bodleian Library, Oxford and to the Ashridge Circle, Eastbourne. Michael appeared on television and radio documentaries for the BBC and History Channel.

Simon Williams
Speaker, Trainer & Illusionist
Police Officer Trainer
Coming from: Reading,  Berkshire  UK
Simon retired from the Police in 2009 after 30 years’ experience most of which was in frontline uniform duties. He has been involved in several Murder Incident Rooms, and engaged in Restorative Justice. He has also been a Police Trainer teaching new recruits criminal law, Police powers and procedures and how to interview witnesses and suspects. Simon is a member of The Magic Circle and his talks reflect his Police experience and an interest in magic. Simon cleverly combines these interests in a series of engaging and interactive talks.