Cruise Ship Speakers

Meteorology & Climatology
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Raymond Arvidson
Planetary Scientist, Geologist & Astronomer
James S McDonnell University Professor
Coming from: Saint Louis,  Missouri  USA
Raymond Arvidson received a Ph.D. from Brown University in 1974. He is presently the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor Washington University in St. Louis, and Director of the Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory. He focuses on teaching and research about current and past environments on the Earth, Mars, and Venus. Arvidson has lectured (and engaged passengers in numerous conversations) on planetary geology and astronomy, local and global geology, climate change, oceans, and how study of other planets fits into a better understanding of the Earth.

Melvyn Bowen
Maritime History & Marine Science
Extra-Master Mariner, MPhil., PhD.
Coming from: Rotorua,    NZ
Melvyn was born and raised in U.K., and completed his secondary education at the Haverfordwest Grammar School in Pembrokeshire. He commenced a career in the British Merchant Navy and after 10 years became a qualified Master Mariner before studying Nautical Sciences at the University of Wales. Following this, he went on to lecture in a range of maritime-science disciplines at several Universities and Polytechnics. He now lives in New Zealand and regularly talks about Maritime History on cruise ships.

Harry Burt
Climate Change & Global Warming
Coming from: Gargunnock,  Stirling , Scotland  UK
Harry has studied Climate Change and Global Warming for many years and has developed an extensive knowledge of the theories and practical application of Renewable Energy Technologies. As an industry insider, his opinion on the way forward towards an energy saving society is based on the facts within the fiction and does not always agree with the views held by government agencies and the political bodies within this sector. His series of presentations are very much of the moment, thought provoking, entertaining and sometimes controversial.

Richard W. Emory, Jr.
Global Environmental Issues
Coming from: Baltimore,  Maryland  USA
From 1994 to 2011, for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Richard Emory advised, consulted and taught internationally, often collaborating with public international organizations, to assist other nations wanting to learn about and emulate the U.S. model for science-based environmental laws and treaties, and their implementation and enforcement. During these years, he also was appointed a Fulbright professor of law resident in Germany and a Special Fellow of the U.N. Institute for Training and Research in Geneva. As a cruise ship speaker Richard presents a series of talks entitled "Our Global Environment - What Planet May Our Grandchildren Inherit?"

Peter Lavington
Meteorology & Weather Forecasting
Coming from: Highbridge,  Somerset  UK
Peter started work at the UK Met Office in 1971 at their London Weather Centre and was promoted to a forecaster in 1975. Thereafter he worked at many locations within UK and abroad. Most of his work was with the Forces - mainly RAF but also at a couple of Army helecopter bases. Meteorology can be a complicated and difficult subject to put across to people but it is his intention to keep things simple and entertaining. Since he retired in 2010, he gives lectures about the weather which he hopes will enable the audience to feel that they know a little more about how the weather works.

George Losey
Zoology & Marine Biology
Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand
Coming from: Kaneohe,  Hawaii  USA
Professor George Losey received his Ph.D. in 1968 from Scripps Institution of Oceanography working on reef fishes of the E. Pacific. His studies introduced him to Ethology, a European discipline comprising study of the natural behavior of animals and their social interactions. Dr. Losey started cruise ship lecturing in 1996 on the QE 2 and has since lectured on various ships with topics in oceanography and climate change, coral reefs, marine biology, Hawaiian natural history, Hawaiian legends and “nature vs. nurture” of human and animal behavior. George is always happy to sit and enjoy a relaxing conversation.

Commander Jeff Roberts
Enrichment & Destination Lecturer
Coming from: Gosport,  Hampshire  UK
Jeff graduated with a B.Sc. in Geology and Geography from the University of Wales before being commisioned into the Royal Navy. He then gained added qualifications in Meteorology and Oceanography and during his career was promoted to Commander. Following his service he joined a Building Society as Head of Training and Development and then as as a Freelance Presenter and Consultant. Jeff is an experienced destination lecturer and he also has talks on global warming and military history.

Harry M Strong
Ocean science & Meteorology
Coming from: Oak Hill,  Fairfax  USA
Harry M Strong worked for a nonprofit corporation for 38 years, spending the last 15 years supporting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington, D.C., addressing a broad range of environmental issues. He is the President of HMS Consulting, LLC, has been a special interest speaker and visiting scientist on numerous cruise ships, speaking on “Our One Ocean”. This series of talks is crafted to entertain, inform and educate the ship’s guests on various ocean topics, emphasizing that our “global society” has but “One Ocean” and we all share in its fruits, its opportunities, its problems, its heritage and its potential.

Peter Tunnicliffe
Meteorologist & Oceanographer
B. Eng, MSc, PhD
Coming from: Callington,  Cornwall  UK
In 2002 Peter retired from the RN after 22 years service. Since then he has been a broadcast weather forecaster for BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall, an operational forecaster for Weathercommerce, a commercial forecasting firm, as well as his current job as teacher of Advanced Meteorology at the Royal Naval School of Meteorology and Oceanography. He regularly lectures on cruise ships on various environmental topics and climate change.

David Unwin
Maps & Climate Change
Coming from: Maidwell,  Northamptonshire  UK
David Unwin is Emeritus Professor in Geography at Birkbeck, University of London, who writes and lectures in climatology and geographical information science. In his academic career he was the author or editor of a dozen academic texts and over a hundred scientific papers. David offers two series of talks. In The Joy of Maps he explains his life-long fascination with maps and map making. In Making Sense of Climate Change he outlines how we know climate changes, what we know about past climates, and what causes our climate to change.

Peter Varley
Meteorology & Oceanography
Coming from: Gosport,  Hampshire  UK
After gaining a degree in Physical Oceanography, Commander Varley spent three years undertaking research in underwater acoustics before joining the Royal Navy as an Instructor Officer specialising in meteorology and oceanography. Peter has forecast the weather onboard ships in the Norwegian Sea, the Mediterranean and the North and South Atlantic oceans. In 1995, Peter left the Royal Navy to run his own meteorological, oceanographic and training consultancy.