Cruise Ship Speakers

Earth Sciences, Geology & Geography
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Raymond Arvidson
Planetary Scientist, Geologist & Astronomer
James S McDonnell University Professor
Coming from: Saint Louis,  Missouri  USA
Raymond Arvidson received a Ph.D. from Brown University in 1974. He is presently the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor Washington University in St. Louis, and Director of the Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory. He focuses on teaching and research about current and past environments on the Earth, Mars, and Venus. Arvidson has lectured (and engaged passengers in numerous conversations) on planetary geology and astronomy, local and global geology, climate change, oceans, and how study of other planets fits into a better understanding of the Earth.

David Baker
Aerospace/Aviation/Military History & Espionage
Coming from: Brede, Nr. Rye,  East Sussex  UK
British born, Dr David Baker has had a lifelong involvement with the NASA space programme, helping send men to the Moon in the 1960's, working to develop the re-usable Shuttle in the 1970's, helping countries around the world use space applications in their everyday lives during the 1980's, advising on space policy during the 1990's and lecturer and historian in the new century. An award-winning author David has written more than 100 books, academic and popular, on many aspects of science, aviation, space, defence and astronomy and the development of the technologies and the politics that underpinned the Cold War.

Richard Bates
Geoscientist & Archaeologist
PhD, CGeol
Coming from: Crail,  Fife  UK
Dr Richard Bates is an applied geophysicist at the University of St Andrews. He began his career in the US contracting to mining, oil, ground water and environmental organisations. Since returning to the UK his interests have expanded to the use of the geosciences to issues that affect people in their everyday lives from climate change studies to marine habitat mapping; archaeology investigations to reconstructing past environments; resource mining to renewable energy. His work takes him to the tropics and the arctic, to the high mountains and across the seas.

Michael Bowman
Geology, World Energy & Geopolitics
Professor of Petroleum Geology, University of Manchester
Coming from: Holmfirth,  West Yorkshire  UK
Mike Bowman retired from BP in March 2011. He has an Honorary Professorial Chair in Geology at the University of Manchester. Until late 2017 he was Chair of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University Qatar. Mike is a geologist by training having completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield. During his 30 years with BP he was involved in a wide range of roles and jobs from specialist geologist to senior manager with postings around the world. Mike presents a series of illustrated talks covering the principles of Geology, route related topics and how geology impacts the world today.

John Brinkley
Geography & Geology
Fellow of the Geological Society
Coming from: Chester,  Cheshire  UK
Educated at King Edward VI School, Bury St. Edmunds and the University of Chester, John was a senior manager and head of department in a Midland High School where he taught geology and geography. On retirement he was invited to become Host Photographer for the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, England, a post he held until 2012. Much of John’s leisure time is now taken up with photographic assignments, travelling widely both in the UK and around the World. He presents an extensive series of talks on geology and geography illustrated with his own photos.

Peter John Cattermole
Geology and Volcanology
B.Sc., PhD
Coming from: Sheffield,  South Yorkshire  UK
Peter was formerly a lecturer in volcanology and planetary geology at the University of Sheffield and, previously at University College of Wales, Aberystwtyth. For many years he was a Principal Investigator with NASA's planetary geology and physics program, specialising on the study of volcanoes on Mars and Venus. Peter has travelled widely during the course of his work and has given numerous public lectures in the fields of his specialities, including explaining geological processes to cruise ship passengers.

Adrian Cooper
BSc (Hons), Phd
Coming from: Felixstowe,  Suffolk  UK
Dr Adrian Cooper worked as an Associate Research Fellow in the Department of Geography, Birkbeck College, London University from 1992 - 2013. His interests include Wildlife, Natural Environments and Oceanography, as well as Mythology, Cultural Geography and Historical Geography. Since 1992, Adrian has been a frequent broadcaster and contributor to the BBC World Service on a wide range of wildlife, environmental and conservation issues. In recognition of his work in promoting the public understanding of geography, Adrian was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1999.

William Crowley
Geography, History & Wine
Coming from: Santa Rosa,  California  USA
Dr William Crowley obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, spending his teaching and research career at Sonoma State University. He is now Professor Emeritus, having retired in 2007. William taught classes in Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Latin America, Field Experience in Baja California, Wine Geography, and History of Geographic Thought. William has spent time in all the countries of Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. Since retirement he has been both a destination speaker and special interest speaker for several cruise lines.

Sarah Dickinson
Media, Lifestyles & Communications
Coming from: Hamstead,  London  UK
Sarah is the founder of a presentation training and media consultancy company and in the last ten years has trained senior executives of most of Britain's top FTSE100 companies and has pioneered international media and issue management training. For many years she has been helping groups and individuals develop their presentation skills. She is the author of two reference books and has been a well known radio and televsion presenter before starting her business. sarah delivers a series of talks on subjects ranging from "The Power of Communication" and "Living Under a Volcano" to a series on her own trials and tribulations.

Professor David Drewry
Environmental Scientist
BSc., PhD, DSc.
Coming from: Cottingham,  East Yorkshire  UK
Professor David Drewry is Honorary Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University where he was previously Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute. David has research interests in environmental science, particularly geology and climate change. He has published three books and more than 100 research papers. He has travelled extensively, often to remote places, and lectured on global environmental issues around the world as well as broadcasting on radio and TV. He has led numerous scientific expeditions including to Africa and the Polar regions.

Glynda Easterbrook
BSc., ARSM, MA(Ed)
Coming from: Bedford,  Bedfordshire  UK
Glynda is a geology graduate of Imperial College, London, an Associate of the Royal School of Mines and has an MA in Education. Starting her career as a mineralogist for the British Geological Survey, she then moved to the Science Faculty of the Open University where she taught and had responsibility for a wide range of Earth Science courses and Summer Schools. She has been an academic advisor to the BBC, the co-author of two books and is a Vice-President of the Oxford Geology Group. She is also President of the Huguenot Society and a Trustee of the Huguenot Museum in Rochester, UK.

Jill Eyers
Geology & Archaeology
Volcano Specialist
Coming from: High Wycombe,  Buckinghamshire  UK
Born in London, with an early childhood in Australia, Dr Eyers studied geology and achieved her doctorate with the Department of Earth Sciences, Open University in 1992. Since that time she has lectured for several universities including Reading, Luton and the Open University as well as contributing to the Oxford University summer school programme each year. Her geological career has taken her to many parts of the world including the Caribbean, Brazil and Turkey which she finds particularly exciting. Jill presents an extensive series of talks on Geology and Archaeology.

Geoffrey Farrell
Archaeology & Natural History
BA BSc(Hons) Dip Ed
Coming from: Woking,  Surrey  UK
Geoffrey attended Grammar School in Penzance and went on to train as a lecturer of Geology. His interests are Archaeology and Geology and he participated in a glaciology expedition to Iceland and Archaeology digs with Professor Philip Rahtz at Glastonbury. He was commissioned from RMA Sandhurst in to the Royal Army Educational Corps for four years and then the civil service before returning to teaching from which he semi-retired in 2014.. He now lectures to adults and leads visits to Classical sites in Italy, Greece and the Aegean Islands.

Iain Kennedy
Geography & Economic History
Coming from: Haslemere,  Surrey  UK
Iain was educated in Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire and then read law at Liverpool University. He qualified as a solicitor in 1972 specialising at the outset in advocacy before moving on to corporate work. Travel in the Caribbean and Central America have added dimensions and additional material for his engrossing presentations on the construction of the Panama Canal, Liverpool and the Slave Trade, Pirates of The Caribbean and the cotton and sugar trade. Iain is also passionate about the history and people of Cuba and their long suffering.

Martin P. Lee
Destination Lecturer & Gentlemen Dance Host
Coming from: Poole,  Dorset  UK
Martin P. Lee graduated with first class honours in geography and geology from King's College London in 1975 followed by a masters degree in geography from Keele University. After service as a fellow at Lancaster University, he became a lecturer at Leicester University, and then a senior lecturer at the Royal Military College of Science. Upon early retirement in 2006, Martin has been a Gentleman Dance Host and Port Lecturer. He now spends half the year at sea and half the year at his home in Bournemouth.

Roger Luckenbach
Planet Earth, Marine Biology & Anthropology
Coming from: Carmel Valley,  CA  USA
Roger Luckenbach holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and combines a unique background of academics, research, exploration , adventure travel, film production and writing. As a distinguished, if peripatetic professor he won recognition for teaching and research excellence. He served as a research scientist /curator for the Smithsonian, as well as several museums and aquaria. For over 50 years, Roger has organized, and taught both over-seas study programs including tropical biology courses in Central & South America and a number of SCUBA-based coral reef ecology programs in the Caribbean, Central America, and the South Pacific.

Dr James Miller
Earth History, Volcanology & Field Geology
Coming from: Shuniah,  Ontario  Canada
Dr. Jim Miller is an emeritus assistant professor of geology at the University of Minnesota. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 from the University of Illinois-Urbana and his PhD in 1986 from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Throughout his professional career, Jim has also been extensively involved in public outreach, enthusiastically spreading his knowledge of local and global geology, geological processes, and Earth history. In his retirement, Jim continues to pursue his passion for telling awe-inspiring and entertaining stories about the 4.5 billion year history of Planet Earth.

Cally Oldershaw
Earth Science & Gemmology
BSc (Hons), FGA, DGA, FGS, CGeol, CSci, EurGeol
Coming from: Truro,  Cornwall  UK
Until recently, Cally was the Curator of Gemstones for the Natural History Museum, London. She is a Director of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. An accomplished and experienced speaker with an international reputation, she has delivered presentations to audiences that have ranged from the general public to academics and politicians. She is the author of 15 books on Gemstone and geology, as well as an acknowledged expert on glaciers, volcanoes, forests and mountains, minerals and crystals.

Alan Oliver
Scientist & Spanish Historian
BSc, MSc
Coming from: Marlborough,  Wiltshire  UK
Alan has both a BSc and an MSc in Natural Sciences, and was a University Lecturer for 18 years in these fields. This followed a career in international sales and marketing and he lectured widely at professional conferences all over the English speaking world, and consequently is an extremely experienced speaker. Since retirement, he has been very active on the speakers' circuit talking about Spanish history and scientific topics.

Glenn Patrick
Physics, Cosmology & Earth Sciences
BSc, PhD, CPhys, FInstP, FRAS
Coming from: Wantage,  Oxfordshire  UK
Glenn is a particle physicist who has spent most of his career working on large international experiments using accelerators at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva. Glenn is based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory where he is now an Honorary Scientist and is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Portsmouth, where he teaches. Glenn regularly gives public talks to a wide variety of audiences and specialises in explaining the concepts of physics, cosmology and astronomy in everyday language.

John Pett
Geology, Volcanoes, Climate Change & Wine
MA, MSc, JP(retired)
Coming from: Sturminster Newton,  Dorset  UK
John was born in 1944 and after Harrow School, obtained a Geology degree from Oxford University. Following a Masters degree in Sedimentology he joined Shell in 1970 and had postings in Brunei, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Oman, Holland, U.S.A., U.K., Egypt (as Technical Director) and finally as President Directeur General of Shell, Tchad. Since retirement in 2000, he is a magistrate on the East Dorset Bench and gives lectures on cruise ships on geology and climate change.

Anthony Pont
Geographer & Port Lecturer
B.A., Cert. Ed., M.Sc., D.Phil.
Coming from: Nether Heyford,  Northamptonshire  UK
Tony graduated with an Honours Degree in Geography from the University of Leeds before training as a teacher and entering Further Education in Yorkshire. He went on to obtain a Masters degree in Behavioural Sciences and later his D.Phil. He has worked extensively throughout the world, notably the USA, Europe, the Middle East & South East Asia. He has written extensively in the field of training and development and is the author of 5 books. Tony is passionate about world travel, has visited 70 countries and has undertaken cruises with several cruise lines to many destinations around the world.

Paul Riley
Popular Science, Astronomy & Food Science
BSc, MSc, PhD
Coming from: Wirral,    UK
After academic life reading chemistry Paul joined Unilever’s Personal Care Products Group. He has talks on the history of everyday products, often humorous with amusing anecdotes, that we use on a daily basis thinking little about them: tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, sugar, makeup, deodorants, toothpaste and soap. For the festive season Paul has talks on the history of our Christmas traditions. With his academic background he has talks on astronomy but from the perspective of chemistry – looking at the world around us how did its building blocks and those for life originate?

Robert Simpson
Russian History & Popular Science
Coming from: North Berwick,  East Lothian  UK
Robert was educated at Aberdeen and Oxford Universities and he has had two careers. The first was as a lecturer in moral philosophy at Aberdeen University for about twenty years. In the mid-1980s he decided to seek a new career, and re-trained as a tax consultant, specialising in VAT, working for KPMG. He has always had an interest in history and science and this now provide the inspiration for his series of cruise ship lectures.

Professor Christopher Stillman
Earth Sciences & Volcanology
Coming from: Dun Laoghaire,  County Dublin  Ireland
Professor Christopher John Stillman, Trinity College Dublin, graduated as a Geologist at Leeds University then spent 9 years in Africa, researching in Rhodesia and then serving as a Geological Survey Officer in Zambia. He then moved for 40 years to Trinity College Dublin. Here he was involved with the International Geological Correlation Project 27 deciphering the Plate Tectonic significance of the ancient volcanic rocks of America, Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and Greenland. Since retirement Christopher he has been involved in bringing Geology - the history and workings of the Earth – to cruise passengers.

Chris Stringer
Archaeology, Human Evolution & Earth Sciences
Coming from: London,    UK
Professor Chris Stringer has worked at The Natural History Museum London since 1973, and is now Research Leader in Human Origins and a Fellow of the Royal Society. His early research was on the relationship of Neanderthals and early modern humans in Europe, but through his work on the ‘Recent African Origin’ theory of modern human origins, he now collaborates with archaeologists, dating specialists, and geneticists in attempting to reconstruct the evolution of modern humans globally. He has excavated at sites in Britain and abroad, and he is currently co-directing the Pathways to Ancient Britain project, funded by the Calleva Foundation.

Robert Turner
Astronomy & Astro Physics
Earth Sciences & Archaeology
Coming from: Worthing,  West Sussex  UK
University and further education teacher in Astronomy and Archaeology Bob Turner has over 50 years experience in Astronomy and 10 years experience in pre history Archaeology and Lithics. As a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a 50 year plus member of the British Astronomical Association he has toured all over the World co lecturing with Patrick Moore. He has also acted as tour guide on many occasions in his pursuit of total eclipses with three different tour companies. Bob has run many courses up and down the UK for amateurs and semi professional Astronomers and is often found lecturing on cruise ships.

Alan Walker
Destination & Enrichment Lecturer
Historian. Travel Writer & Speaker. Regional Analyst
Coming from: Abergavenny,  Monmouthshire  UK
Alan is a Destination & Port Lecturer, Historian and Geographer and has undertaken extensive research and travel in the U.S.A. and Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Mediterranean World including Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the Black Sea, South Africa, large cities of South-East Asia, Australia and the frozen worlds of Iceland. He has lectured on world voyages for many of the major cruise lines, and offers a comprehensive and interesting range of lectures in History, Geography and Environmental Studies.

Tony Waltham
Geology & Exploration
Volcanoes, Glaciers & Caves
Coming from: Nottingham,  Nottinghamshire  UK
Dr Tony Waltham is a geologist who graduated from Imperial College, London, and studied in the mines of Norway for his PhD. He was then a university lecturer for many years in Nottingham, where he taught mining and civil engineers. Travel to faraway places has always taken all his free time, and the geological interest has taken him all over the world, notably to almost every country in Asia. Tony has made films for television, still manages his Geophotos picture library and is on the Editorial Board of Geology Today.