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Espionage, Intelligence & Spying
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Keith Appleyard
Military Intelligence & History
Current Affairs
Coming from: Sleaford,  Lincolnshire  UK
Keith is a consultant in education management and teaching skills, working both independently and employed by organisations such as Nottingham Trent University. In the 1960s and 70s Keith worked for 15 years as a RAF intelligence officer. This was in the hidden world of signals intelligence and it is this experience that forms the basis of his cruise ship lectures. Each talk focuses on a specific aspect of signals intelligence and each is illustrated by personal experience and analysis of historical events, as far as the Official Secrets Act will allow!

David Baker
Aerospace/Aviation/Military History & Espionage
Coming from: Brede, Nr. Rye,  East Sussex  UK
British born, Dr David Baker has had a lifelong involvement with the NASA space programme, helping send men to the Moon in the 1960's, working to develop the re-usable Shuttle in the 1970's, helping countries around the world use space applications in their everyday lives during the 1980's, advising on space policy during the 1990's and lecturer and historian in the new century. An award-winning author David has written more than 100 books, academic and popular, on many aspects of science, aviation, space, defence and astronomy and the development of the technologies and the politics that underpinned the Cold War.

Mark Baldwin
Military & Intelligence History
WW2 Intelligence & Cryptography, U-Boats, Channel Islands
Coming from: Kidderminster,    UK
Few people aren't fascinated by the shadowy world of espionage, undercover work, and secret messages. Mark Baldwin, one of the country's leading speakers on WW2 codebreaking, has made a particular study of the secret side of the war, and has developed a series of well-illustrated and authoritative talks ranging from special agents and their equipment to the breaking of Germany's secret Enigma codes at Bletchley Park. In addition to his work on cruise ships, Dr Baldwin has given over 500 presentations, and 200 one-man theatre shows.

Gordon Bull
Music & Jazz Historian
Codes & Code breaking

Coming from: Lewes,  East Sussex  UK
Gordon Bull was Professor of Information Technology and Dean of the IT Faculty at the University of Brighton. Since an early age he has collected records and books on jazz and has an extensive music and print library that continues to grow. As well as an extensive series of lectures on the Origins and Social history of Jazz, as a mathematician, he also has a keen interest in Codes and Code breaking.

John Douglas Chapman
WW2 Historian & Bletchley Park Expert
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Coming from: Halesowen,  West Midlands  UK
Born in 1951, John studied in London, achieving qualifications in Sales, Surveying, Construction Management and Diplomas and Certificates in Management Studies. In his younger days, John was active in the Air Training Corps. In 1992, John became a volunteer at Bletchley Park shortly after the Trust was set up to ensure the preservation of the Park as a national monument. John speaks in an entertaining way on many subjects relating to Bletchley Park including the WW2 Code-Breaking activities, The Post Office, and the roles of Women at Bletchley Park during WW2.

Roger Evans
Information Technology
Lecturer on CyberWarfare, CyberSecurity and other Computer Topics
Coming from: Waterlooville,  Hampshire  UK
Roger has lectured widely on CyberWarfare, CyberEspionage and CyberSabotage amongst his other talks on Computer related topics. As an Instructor at the Oracle Academy his knowledge of Java Programming led him into the world of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking and is very comfortable keeping the audience informed on what is happening throughout CyberWorld. Today it is about tackling the ISIS threat but CyberWorld changes so rapidly it may be a different threat tomorrow. Roger has a passion for Educating his audience and does so with humour and enthusiasm.

Leslie John McLoughlin
World Affairs
Arab world specialist since 1960
Coming from: Exeter,  Devon  UK
Professor Leslie McLoughlin was Director of Studies at the Middle East Centre for Arab Studies (MECAS), Shemlan , Lebanon 1965-68 and 1970-75. He lectured in Arabic and Islamic studies at Edinburgh University 1969-70 and also taught at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and 1970. In 1987 he founded the MECAS Association. Leslie has lectured in Arabic in many Arabic countries most recently in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He is also a guest speaker on cruises specializing in three areas : the Mediterranean, the Baltic area and Arab waters.

John Morrison
Defence Intelligence Specialist
Coming from: Canterbury,  Kent  UK
John Morrison joined the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) in 1967 as a desk analyst. During his Ministry of Defence career he occupied a wide range of analytical and management positions. He attended the National Defence College in 1977 and the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1993. His DIS career culminated with his appointment as its senior civilian intelligence professional, serving four years as Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence and Head of the Defence Intelligence Analysis Staff. John took early retirement in 1999 he was selected by the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee to be its first Investigator, a position he held until 2004.

Keith Muras
Diplomacy, Espionage, Politics & Crime
International Diplomacy, Politics, Espionage, and Crime
Coming from: Princes Risborough,  Buckinghamshire  UK
In a British Diplomatic Service career spanning 23 years Keith focused on the intelligence and security dimensions of international politics. Keith served in Central, South and East Africa, in the Former Soviet Union, and in the Caribbean. From South Africa at the heights of apartheid to Moscow in the depths of the ‘Cold War' and to combating drug trafficking and crime in the Caribbean, Keith’s talks are based around his unique personal experiences in the many parts of the world in which he lived and served.

Paul Nutley
Art & Cultural Historian
BA, MSc, PhD
Coming from: Wincanton,  Somerset  UK
Dr Nutley is an accomplished cruise lecturer, and brings a wide knowledge of global history to the cruise destination and regions in which he delivers his lectures. His approach is to focus on the specific ports of call and their history; their strategic significance for the wider world; the influences these locations are likely to have had on Britain and the lives of the passengers to whom he presents. Paul offers a range of talks on History and culture; Spies, espionage and intelligence; and Creative writing.

William Parsons
Surveilance & Bugging
Coming from: Bishop's Stortford.,  Hertfordshire  UK
William worked for Ministry of Defence, on weapons and communications systems for surface vessels and nuclear submarines. He now operates in the private sector advising and training on information security and supplying Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (the finding of bugging devices), Technical Surveillance, services, equipment and training. His series of interesting talks cover surveillance, bugging and spying.

David Pybus
Criminologist, Historian & Scientist
Dragons Den Winner: MD Scents of Time Limited
Coming from: Cheriton,  Kent  UK
David has worked for over 12 years as a cruise enhancement speaker for a number of cruise lines, both British and American. In work where one is as good as one's last cruise David has been invited back time after time as his presentations are pure “edutainment”- educational and entertaining - and are far from being 'a lecture'. He can stand alone for a talk, but normally he presents a 45 minute highly audio visual extravaganza on a number of entertaining topics ranging from crime to code-breaking and from perfume to vikings and more.

Glenmore Trenear-Harvey
The World of Intelligence
Coming from: .,  .  UK
Early in his career Glenmore Trenear-Harvey was a Royal Air Force pilot and station intelligence officer. This was his introduction to the world of intelligence and he went onto Signals Command Headquarters, RAF Medmenham, in the Air Ministry Book Production and Distribution Centre, (AMBPDC) supervising the handling and couriering of che runs the consultancy Intel Research, specialising in open source security and intelligence matters. As well regular appearances on radio and TV in the UK and abroad, you can also find him lecturing on intelligence matters to audiences around the world.

Robert (Bob) Wallace
Espionage and Intelligence
Coming from: Reston,  Virginia  USA
Robert Wallace, intelligence historian and consultant, is a former senior intelligence officer, with 32 years service in the Central Intelligence Agency. Following retirement from CIA, Wallace co-authored the best selling SPYCRAFT: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs from Communism to al- Qaeda (2008) and founded Artemus Consulting Group, an international network of intelligence and security professionals. Wallace speaks and writes on intelligence, leadership and management topics.

Christopher West
History & Geography
Competitive Intelligence & Industrial Espionage
Coming from: Chipstead,  Surrey  UK
After graduating from the London School of Economics Chris had a career that spanned the oil industry, economic analysis market research and competitive intelligence. He founded and ran what became one of the largest providers of competitive intelligence in Europe. He has written and lectured extensively on marketing and competitive intelligence. As a consequence of his competitive intelligence activities, Chris became interested in industrial and commercial espionage, which is neither legal nor ethical. His talks deal with some fascinating international cases of espionage and theft.

Professor Jon A. Wiant
World Affairs, Intelligence & Military History
SES (Ret.), Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies
Coming from: Falls Church,  Virginia  USA
Jon Wiant is an authority on the intelligence and international affairs. His career spanned the Cold War and the global national security challenges that followed. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and the NSC Director for Intelligence Policy as well as senior positions at CIA and Defense. In retirement, this recipient of the Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal has taught at Washington universities. Cruise passengers will be intrigued by his talks on intelligence and international affairs.

John Wilcock
Archaeology, History, Science & Computing
MA(Oxon), BSc, PhD, CEng, FIET, FBCS, CITP
Coming from: Stafford,  Staffordshire  UK
Dr John Wilcock read Physics at Oxford University then worked for 7 years as an Engineer in the computer industry (1st and 2nd generations), before entering academia in 1969. He was one of the first world practitioners in Computer Archaeology (the application of computers to archaeological research). Categories include Archaeology, Egyptology, History, Computing, Espionage, Codes & ciphers, Science, Geology and Music. See full profile for suggested list of stand-alone and destination-based topics.

Peter Williams CMG OBE
Espionage & Military Intelligence Historian
Major General
Coming from: Highworth,  Wiltshire  UK
After studying History at Cambridge University, Peter Williams spent over 30 years in the British Army (Coldstream Guards) and retired in 2005 as a major general. During his military career he received many medals, an MBE, OBE, CMG and a Mention in Despatches. He currently helps to train British defence attachés, edits a prestigious military journal, and lectures on military history and current affairs in the cruise and education sectors. He is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.