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Criminology & Law Enforcement
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Ronald E Bowers
True Crime, Forensics, Hollywood, Celebrity, Mysteries
Coming from: San Dimas,  California  USA
For 43 years Mr. Ronald E. Bowers was a prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. During his long career, he has been involved in some of the most sensational trials of the century. Based on this experience he has become one of the foremost experts on visual presentations in jury trials and has written several books on the subject. He has also authored numerous true crime books, has lectured on the Law & the Criminal Justice System throughout the world and has been an Enrichment Speaker on cruise lines for over 10 years.

Prof. Graham Buchanan
Policing Specialist & Criminologist
BSc (Hons), NdipM, PGCE, CMgr FCMI, MIoD, MIfL
Coming from: Horley,  Surrey  UK
Professor Buchanan is a writer, lecturer and advisor specialising in all aspects of leadership and change. He is an Honorary Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan Faculty of Business and Law. He spent 30 years as a police officer before retiring in 2005 in the rank of Chief Inspector. He still lectures in criminal law at various colleges in the South East of England. As a cruise ship enrichment lecturer, Graham talks on policing and an insight into some notorious criminal cases.

Simon Cousins
Crime Prevention & Royalty Protection
MVO, BA, Dip Crim
Coming from: Bookham,  Surrey  UK
Simon is a retired Detective Superintendent who served for 30 years with the Metropolitan Police in London. This was followed by a further 10 years with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Simon was then selected for transfer to the Royalty Protection Department and for the next 15 years served as a protection officer with members of the Royal Family, in particular with Prince William, The Princess of Wales and Princess Margaret. He travelled to over 30 countries and has a wealth of experiences to recount. More recently Simon has been involved with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Keith Hadley
Forensic Science
Coming from: Halesowen,  West Midlands  UK
Keith Hadley has worked in forensic science for over 50 years. Practising for over 30 years with the Forensic Science Service (FSS) – attending scenes of incidents, carrying out laboratory examinations and presenting evidence in courts of law and at coroners’ enquiries. Keith talks about a wide range of forensic issues in a light hearted and interesting manner.

Graham Hoyle
Murder Mystery Events Organiser
Coming from: Ringwood,  Hampshire  UK
After retiring from a long career in the police force, Graham wanted to start a new career that was both entertaining and enjoyable, so “Catch the Killer” was born. Graham has written over eighteen original story lines that can be adapted to specific ships, cruise companies, captains or even specific passengers. The event is interactive, engaging and a lot of fun for the passengers who will find that working in small teams helps their thinking and leads to creating new friendships and contacts on board the ship.

Colin Johnson
Forensic Pyschology, Criminology & Law Enforcement
Coming from: Mattingley,  Hampshire  UK
Colin is an internationally accredited and operational Geographic Profiler and was the first ever Fellow of his discipline across Europe. He holds a master's degree in psychology. A police officer for 30 years, principally as a detective, he specialised in investigating major crime, including murder, stranger rape and abduction. He became one of the first officers selected to the National Crime Faculty. Colin has worked operationally and lectured across several continents, including in Australia, Dubai, France and the U.S.

Herbert Kerrigan QC
Criminology & Law
Queen's Counsel; Barrister, Middle Temple
Coming from: Dalkeith,  Midlothian  UK
Professor Herbert Kerrigan is a leading Queens Counsel in Scotland who also practices at the English Bar in the Chambers of the Lord Carlile, QC. He has taught at the University of Edinburgh where he was lecturer in criminal law and criminology. Herbert holds degrees in Arts Law and Divinity and is also qualified in the Church of Scotland where he has been Convener of Military Chaplains.

Gary Koverman
Forensic Science
Coming from: Las Cruces,  New Mexico  USA
Gary Koverman is a forensic scientist and has worked for over 30 years in forensic laboratories in Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico. He has examined many world class crimes and is still working in his own private business in New Mexico. His expertise in a wide variety of forensic fields gives depth and understanding to many forms of physical evidence. Gary has lectured various law enforcement police agencies in the area of forensic science and has taught at universities in Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico. He is also a great student of history and enjoys seeking out relevant historical events with a fresh forensic perspective for his talks.

Robert Milne
Forensic Science & Celebrated Historical Cases
Former Scotland Yard Forensics Expert
Coming from: Rayleigh,  Essex  UK
Robert Milne is a Forensic Expert with over 40 years’ experience at Scotland Yard in the roles of Fingerprint Expert, Crime Scene Examiner (CSI), Crime Scene Coordinator (serious crime), Forensic Intelligence Manager (Head of Forensic Intelligence MIB). Currently he lectures on forensic science and works in Fire Investigation, dealing with Crown Court case reviews, cold case reviews, insurance casework and litigation casework. Since 2012, he has been an enrichment lecturer, presenting on the topics of forensic science and historical celebrated cases. He has a friendly style as a presenter and likes to build a rapport with audiences.

Rod Repton
Criminology, Forensics, History & Folklore
B.A(Hons) Former Detective Chief Inspector, Scotland Yard
Coming from: Milford,  Derbyshire  UK
Rod retired from the police service in August 1999 having served 34 years in the Derbyshire Police Force. During the period of service he specialised in Criminal Investigation in C.I.D, Drugs Squad and Special Branch. He progressed through the ranks to Detective Chief Inspector. In 1999 he set up his own Private Investigations Company which has a sister company in New York. Born out of his experience comes a unique view on life. In his talks he’s never short of an anecdote or humorous tale on his experiences in both the public and private sector.

William Rickett
Forensics, Famous Trials, WWII and Destinations
Coming from: Wooster,  Wayne County, Ohio  USA
Bill Rickett is a retired judge, former law professor and criminal trial attorney. Forensic evidence was always an important component of his practice, teaching and judicial duties. Hundreds of his former students practice throughout the country as prosecutors and defense attrorneys. Rickett earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The Ohio State University and his Juris Doctor cum laude from The University of Akron. He retired from the bench in 2012. That same year, he was appointed to but declined a seat on the Supreme Court of the Republic of Palau.

Dr John Robson
Dental Forensics, General Forensics, Historical True Crime
Coming from: Evercreech,  Somerset  UK
Dr John Robson is one of the most experienced forensic odontologists in the world. He began his career in dental practice, then obtained Forensic Dentistry & Forensic Human Identification diplomas and specialised in disaster management. He is still active, working as a consultant for police, coroners, lawyers and other agencies as an investigator and is past President of the British Association for Forensic Dentistry. John has appeared on the Crimewatch TV program and lectures both in UK and abroad to many different specialities including criminologists, anthropologists and to lay groups on forensic science and historical true crime.

Diane Simpson
Personality & Behaviour
Coming from: Wymondham,  Norfolk  UK
Personality Profiler and authoress, Diane, has written three books and many articles, worked on high profile investigations and appeared on more than 200 television and radio programmes. Diane has an interesting and diverse background. Mensa member, member of the Psychology Special Interest Group of British Mensa Ltd, university lecturer, Founder member of the British Institute of Graphologists and has belonged to ‘Friends of Broadmoor’ for more than 15 years. A humorous and highly experienced speaker, she is pleased to offer a range of talks relating to personality and behaviour.

Mike Southwell
Retired CID, Chief Superintendant
Coming from: Eastleigh,  Hants  UK
Retired Chief Superintendent Mike Southwell has been a career Detective with the Hampshire Constabulary for over 30 years. He served in every rank of CID from Detective Constable to Detective Superintendent, before attaining the position of Head of Professional Standards. During his career, he served as Head of Ports Special Branch, Head of Anti Terrorism, reverting back to CID in each rank. Mike is now regularly talks on cruises about crime and police matters.

Dr Christopher Whelan
The European Union
Coming from: Woodstock,  Oxfordshire  UK
Dr Christopher Whelan is Associate Director of International Law Programmes at the University of Oxford and a Visiting Professor of Law at Washington & Lee University School of Law (since 2005, Spring Semester) in Virginia, USA. He is also a practising barrister, specialising in Employment Law, at 3PB in the Temple. His current research interests are in the fields of Lawyers’ Ethics and European Union Law, but he has over 70 publications on a wide variety of topics in international and comparative law. Dr Whelan is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Jim Williams
Historian & Author
Frauds and Charlatans
Coming from: Stockport,    UK
Jim comes to lecturing with a background as a formerly practising barrister, a lawyer in the international construction industry and an internationally published author of eleven novels and two non-fiction works. One of the novels, The Hitler Diaries, caused a sensation when it was published nine months before the famous forgery scandal. Jim talks about his specialist knowledge of the history and practices of charlatans: the frauds and colourful characters who manage to persuade other people to believe in the most improbable things.